Tunji Ige has been making appearances on various tracks in the past few months, making his sound even more diverse and flexible than we had already come to know him for. But today he takes things back to the beginning by finally sharing a video for “Ball Is Life” from 2014’s The Love Project.

The video begins in an expected way—showing views of his hometown. However, things may quickly get a bit confusing for those viewing the video on their iPhone. In order to show how many distractions Tunji is faced with on a daily basis, various text, Twitter and YouTube notifications pop up throughout the video to create an interesting twist.

The video’s director, Glassface, told Complex that the video is meant to portray how a person can be influenced by their environment. “Our surroundings influence everything we do—so it’s about escaping that notion or succumbing to it, and the consequences of either choice,” said Glassface.

Watch the video above.