Future’s fanbase is one of the most intense and committed fanbases on the internet, so this was perhaps inevitable in the grand scheme of things. #FutureHive is very, very real, and it’s one of the fastest growing fanbases on the internet right now. Qué and Meaghan Garvey are very much a part of #FutureHive, showing their love for Future and DJ Esco in a particularly extravagant fashion with a ridiculous and amazing comic series.

Their weekly comic series reimagines the life of Future and his partner-in-crime, DJ Esco. The rap game is the samurai game in Chosen One: Actavis Status, and things get pretty goddamn serious in it. Featuring cameos from some of the biggest names in rap music, the series paints Future as the one and true savior (and rightfully so, too). It’s pretty hilarious stuff, with a recent entry in particular worth mentioning because it straight-up shows Birdman in his true form.

Check out the first few scenes of the comic as well as a few teases of what else is in store above, and read the rest of the comic here.