Image via SoundCloud

The SoundCloud mobile app is one of the top five music apps on both iOS and Android, but it’s never been the most creator friendly of apps. As of yesterday, SoundCloud has been looking to change that with its new creator-oriented app SoundCloud Pulse. Quietly launching on the Android market place yesterday, the app allows users to manage their tracks easier on the go, with better mobile stat tracking, the ability to reply to comments, as well as allowing users to share public or private sounds.

While the feature set might sound just a little limited right now, it’s a big step-up for creators from the previous mobile app. The feature set is to expand in the near feature and the new features will launch alongside the iOS release, which has yet to receive a tentative date. Forthcoming versions of the app will also support more in-depth stats, the ability to edit track info, upload new tracks, and will have expanded messaging capabilities. The app currently does not support the ability to upload content or use the private messaging system.

It’s definitely a step in the right direction, even if it is a little barebones at the current time. The most recent update for the original SoundCloud app added a number of new features for listeners, but neglected some of the needs of the creator. SoundCloud plan on positioning this as the creator version of mobile SoundCloud, while the original app will be the listener version per se. Read the reasoning behind the need for two separate apps below and get the app for Android here.

This is something we discussed a lot internally. We want to meet the needs of creators and listeners as best we can and believe having two apps is the best way to do that. It’s a challenge to keep an app with many features simple to use and easy to maintain. Having two apps allows us to iterate more often in each, without risking disturbing what’s most important in each app.