Update (11/17/2015): We now have more info about this gospel “Hotline Bling” cover, as well as video of the complete performance.

This rendition is by the Atlanta-based Destiny Church, and now that we have the whole song to listen to, it might not be as cheesy as we first thought. The band is tight, the lead singer can really belt it, and the female gospel backing vocals serve the song well. They also stretch the track out to nearly six minutes, so if anything, this is the first extended jam version of “Hotline Bling.”

Watch the performance above, starting at 1:30.

Yeah… NO. We can’t turn EVERY song into a gospel song.. It’s just comes off as corny. Sigh. Just leave it the way…

Posted by 21:03 onĀ Monday, November 2, 2015

My good friend and fellow P&P writer Jon Tanners tweeted last week, “My favorite thing is when you don’t record another ‘Hotline Bling’ cover,” and he’s not wrong. There are so many reworks/remixes/covers/pug videos to Drake’s hit single that I feel like my brain might explode.

But while this influx of remixes seems excessive to me, it hasn’t stopped anyone (yet) from continuing to make them. Which is why we’re here, on a casual Wednesday night, watching yet another “Hotline Bling” cover. This one though isn’t a new take by some other big artist. Instead, this one is done by a gospel choir in which they flip Drizzy’s lyrics to more church-friendly lines like, “you always call me cause I’m yours Lord.” Hey, whatever works. Watch it above thanks to a Facebook user’s footage.