Tinashe has just come off the back of touring with two of the biggest artists in the world, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. She’s on a bit of a high right now to say the least, releasing tracks with everyone from Chris Brown and Young Thug to Chance The Rapper. Recently she stopped by Swag in the Morning to celebrate some of that success, and during her lengthy interview she spoke about when Nicki came to her tour bus to listen to her upcoming album, Joyride.

But perhaps the best moment of her appearance came when she performed a “5 Fingers of Death” freestyle. While interpolating lyrics of already released songs, her freestyle gets better and better as it goes along, proving just how talented a singer she really is. Watch the entire interview and freestyle above, with the freestyle happening around the eleven minute mark. Tinashe’s second studio album is due to release sometime next year.