Just a few months ago, Danny Seth shared his free album Perception. Now that fans have had time to let the music settle in, Seth is ready to tell his stories in a more visual way. Today he shares the video for “Time Is Of The Essence”—and it’s captivating, to say the least.

The video opens up with a mysterious protagonist, traveling through dark and crowded spaces with some suspiciously bloody hands. The plot of the video remains somewhat unclear, but continues to get even more intriguing as Seth appears completely covered in blood.

Danny Seth explained the concept to Complex saying:

This visual plays as a continuation from my previous track, ‘I Arise Because.’ It starts with me arriving from the desert, but follows the journey of the boy with the blood. We follow his journey, as he backtracks through this club trying to remember why he has blood on his hands. When he enters the bathroom, he has a breakdown, remembering that something has happened.

Watch the eerie visuals above.