As 2015 comes to a close, social media is becoming flooded with various posts from celebrities reflecting on the year they had. As weird as this year may have been been, it’s nice to take a moment to highlight the rare, memorable moments. In a sea of nostalgic posts, one of the most interesting takes came from Diplo.

Diplo has certainly had a huge year working alongside Major Lazer, , Justin Bieber, and more. However, today Diplo shared a photo of him and Madonna and explained what he referred to as “a highlight of 2015.” In his sentimental post, Diplo shared his thoughts on getting the opportunity to work with Madonna.

He explained that when he first heard he’d have a chance to work with her his expectations were low. “I didn’t think she would take me serious just another producer working on a huge album,” Diplo revealed. “I didn’t expect to make a great friend for life and didn’t expect to be such a big part of her record.”

Read what Diplo had to say about working with Madonna below.