DJ Khaled has become a modern day prophet thanks to his enlightening Snapchat videos, showing the masses how he waters his plants, how to handle getting lost at sea, and otherwise dispensing brilliant insights about how life should be lived.

Product designer George Kedenburg III, like the rest of us, was inspired by Khaled’s wisdom. He created a website,, that allows you hear Khaled’s life lessons in his own voice at the click of a button. Khaled himself gave the site a shout-out, so you know it’s for real.

It includes gems like, “Almond milk + Cinnamon Toast Crunch = major key to success,” “Cocoa butter is the key,” and what is perhaps the thesis statement of DJ Khaled, “Some people can’t handle success. I can.”

Check out, relentlessly mash the “Another One” button, and remember to live every day like you’re DJ Khaled.

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