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Don’t you laugh. Englishman Mark Kilner is dead serious about his proposal to rename Canterbury West’s train station after Kanye. Kilner is gaining quite a bit of traction with his petition, which is full of serious, measured arguments:

“Kanye West (wealth be upon him) is more than just another celebrity propping up the hit parade; he is the greatest human being of our time.”

“I see this as the first step towards a brighter future when the whole of Canterbury is renamed after Kanye (wealth be upon him); visitors can come and go via Kanye West Station or Kanye East Station (or indeed, Kanye Bus Station), pilgrims can flock to Kanye Cathedral to pay homage to the great man.”

“We cannot undo past wrongs, such as retroactively giving Taylor Swift’s Grammy Award to BeyoncĂ©, any more than we can save Jesus from crucifixion (although technically God kind of took care of that). But we can show our appreciation in other ways, and what better start than renaming Canterbury West Station to Kanye West Station?”

Kilner’s petition had garnered just 19 signatures in its first few months of existence, but its recently picked up (cough) steam after recent press has resulted in more than 1,500 supporters.

It’s unclear how many of these supporters actually live in Canterbury, or how many would also support Kilner’s vivid, terrifying image of a giant golden Kanye head atop the station. We can talk about that part, right Mark?


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