Kevin Abstract is an absolutely fascinating artist, mixing ambition with a profound sense of sadness that’s frightening, but remarkably easy to relate to. Alongside Brockhampton, he’s been building a brand for himself with impeccably crafted visuals and sleek music that sounds far beyond his 19 years. “Echo” marks a considerable change up for him from 2014’s MTV1987, but it’s a logical progression that really shows the true breadth of his impressive talents.

As if terrified with the same world he’s completely enamored with, “Echo” is both defeated and hopeful. Despite its forlorn tone, there’s a sweet, tender heart to it that speaks not to the possibility of more misery, but of future happiness. Completely avoiding rapping in favor of a Kanye-croon of sorts, “Echo” is perhaps the prettiest song to come out of either Kevin or Brockhampton yet. It’s not easy to mix a feeling of heartbreak with new love, but somehow “Echo” pulls it off.

As we’ve now come to expect with everything associated with Brockhampton, the video for “Echo” is just as captivating as the song itself. Directed by frequent collaborator Tyler Mitchell, the haunting and beautifully shot video for the track perfectly encapsulates the specific brand of autumnal melancholy the song evokes. “Echo” is the first single from Kevin’s upcoming second album, They Shoot Horses, and needless to say, we can’t wait for it to arrive.