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Pusha T has a new album coming out tomorrow featuring collaborations with Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Kehlani, and production by Timbaland, Q-Tip, Kanye, Hudson Mohwake, Pharrell, and Diddy. In anticipation of the release, Pusha took to Reddit and answered some questions from fans. The responses ranged from some inside info on SWISH to his burgeoning acting career. Check out some of the AMA responses below, view the full thread here, and catch his upcoming Spring tour.

Can you give /r/hiphopheads some inside info on SWISH??
SWISH IS SO FUCKING FIRE and I will never lie to you… stay tuned.

Pusha, who is the best producer in your opinion you have worked with?
Kanye West because he prides himself in the now and taking that to the next level.

Favorite artist that isn’t on anyone’s radar?
Syd The Kid, The Internet. I’m sure they are on plenty of people’s radar, but I think they deserve to be noticed more.

What’s your relationship with Malice/No Malice like at the moment? Any chance of you guys reuniting for some music or performances?
No malice is my brother in real life beyond music our relationship is a1.

What made you decide to make a prelude instead of just releasing King Push this year?
The prelude was something that I could give to my fans without worrying about different label/radio politics.

What was the experience like filming Darkest Before Dawn? What was your inspiration behind the film?
Awesome experience. Rotimi was an awesome acting coach. I want to learn the art of theater because of Darkest Before Dawn and I respect the process of acting very much. My inspiration was to just show how miracles come in different forms and to show even though you might not do the right thing all the time that you live by a certain set of principles.

Pusha, you make a lot of references to The Wire in your raps. Who is your favorite character in the show?
Marlow was a young aggressive gangsta he aint care about no old niggas.

Did you get any backlash for working with Tyler [The Creator] on “Trouble on my Mind?”
No backlash I got a lot of acclaim and fanfare. Tyler is incredible.

You and HudMo should do an album together. Would you be down for that?
We should and Hudson Mohawke is awesome. His drums kill.

What was the process of making Darkest Before Dawn?
[It] was to get with all of the super producers of the game and make them reach into their deepest and darkest parts of their soul.

Any new non-rap music that you fuck with? Genres?
THE BRINKS “Temporary Love..” Check that out so awesome.

What’s the inspiration behind “Sunshine?” Anything specific?
Just the tension between police and the black community and trying to give a perspective on how young blacks feel.

How much do you love Rae Sremmurd? Also are you gonna collab again with Travis Scott anytime soon?
Rae Sremmurd is my favorite group they are just the illest, flows melodies and being true to themselves and I can tell. I want to collaborate with Travis on King Push.

In other Pusha T news, Complex sat down with the rapper recently in advance of his upcoming album. During the interview, Push talked about the state of G.O.O.D. Music, not getting radio play, and if he’d sign Lil Wayne.

Watch that discussion in full below: