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Image via Amazon

Turntables have been making somewhat of a comeback as of late, with the rising resurgence of vinyls to thank. The Vinyl Factory previously reported that UK retailer John Lewis received a 240% increase in sales of record players in 2015, and HMV were selling approximately one turntable a minute in the run up to Christmas 2015. In other words, the vinyl resurgence went into full swing this year in a big way.

Now, The Vinyl Factory reports that Amazon’s best selling audio product this Christmas was the Jensen JTA-230 turntable. The $50 record player beat out a number of wireless devices that take advantage of streaming platforms, showcasing just how much people are committing to the rapidly expanding vinyl craze. While considered an entry level piece of equipment, the affordable Jensen¬†offers a surprising amount of features considering it’s so cheap.

While the statistics only take American Amazon into account, the fact that the Jensen JTA-230 beat out newer technology in the Home Audio department is impressive nonetheless. Whether the vinyl resurgence will remain strong going into 2016 remains to be seen, but with vinyl sales beating out streaming revenue in the US a few months back, it looks like vinyl is once again here to stay, Spotify be damned. Read the whole of Amazon’s statement here.