UPDATE: Cutie Jewliani was trolling, and doesn’t have the album.

It’s the story that just won’t die. First Wu-Tang Clan (mostly RZA) records a top-secret album that they won’t play for anyone, then Bill Murray gets (mistakenly) involved, then an evil pharmaceutical exec buys it, only to be arrested on unrelated charges, and now someone claims to have a copy of the album and plans to leak it tomorrow under the triumphant hashtag #TuesdayWusday.

The below string of tweets sent by Twitter user/Redditor Cutie Jewliani leaves a very strong impression. They hosted a Reddit AMA, but got cold feet and deleted all his responses when the story started to pick up. Whether this person actually has the album or is just full of shit remains to be seen, but tomorrow just got a lot more interesting.

Read through the claims (and Shkreli’s self-assured response) below.