“Congratulations: you didn’t play yourself.” And with that, DJ Khaled takes a break from Snapchat to invite The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj into his illustrious sneaker closet.

It takes Minhaj a while to warm up as the two trade their nicknames for shoes, but the comedian manages to impress Khaled with a few off-the-cuff nicknames like “Canada’s Greatest.” In the end, however, the sneaker pressure overwhelms Minhaj and Khaled is forced to pull out some of his major keys to success to comfort the Daily Show correspondent.

“The key to success, is to keep your head above water,” Khaled tells Minhaj. “Knowing is better than learning.”

Khaled delivers his gems with the same stone cold grimace we see every day during “elliptical talk,” and he sends Minhaj on his way a wiser man. Watch the video above.