The back-to-back deaths of 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. remain two of music’s most infamous crimes. Neither case has been officially solved, and as of now, both remain at a complete standstill. Yet, during a recent interview with Huff Post Live, Faith Evans, Biggie’s wife at the time, hopes that will change, stating she wants the investigation reopened.

“The only way you can look at it is tragic. Tragic and senseless,” she said. However, she doesn’t believe in one of long-standing conspiracy theories about the case: the fact that the East Coast vs. West Coast beef was to blame for Biggie’s death. “It’s a little deeper than that. I think all the things that came with it definitely added to the hype of things. The whole media element, and people being able to say what they think and not be accurate.”

Instead, she believes the LAPD knows who the true culprit is. “We know he was murdered, but we believe that the LAPD knows who’s responsible,” she said. “That’s what we believe.”