Less than two weeks after the passing of Motorhead’s frontman Lemmy, an advertisement featuring the late legend has surfaced online. The commercial, which was short less than a month before his passing, is a very short clip remaking an 20-year-old Finnish ad for milk.

In the clip, Lemmy exits the gas station store and says, “I have never drunk milk and never will.” His appearance ends on a lighthearted note when he finishes his line with, “you asshole” as he turns away smiling.

The ad was later edited in post-production after hearing of his passing. A short message is displayed in the closing of the advertisement to pay tribute to Lemmy. The tribute reads:

This is offered in celebration of the life of a lovely, exceptional man—a man who celebrated life so vibrantly himself. This was our magical encounter with a great man and we’re honoured to share it with the world.

Watch the ad above.