Clique x Future by cliquetv

Future has just finished up a series of shows across Europe, and now an interview with CliqueTV shot in London during his time there has surfaced. In this interview, recorded over a year after his remarkable interview with Tim Westwood where he predicted this current run in a 20 minute rant, things have come full circle. Future now sits with CliqueTV as the superstar that he saw himself becoming.

Beginning by stating that he grew up in a traphouse and not a studio, he speaks on how he actually grew up wanting to be an engineer and an architect. He then digs into how he did not let the environment he grew up in completely absorb him and his goals. “I had different dreams than what was in front of me,” Future states before talking about how he had family members addicted to drugs and how he reacted to them.

The conversation turns towards his current success and in addition to talking about the material gains and financial success, Future explains that when you are having a run such as the one he is having, there is no room to let the personal issues in your life interfere with your performance.

When asked about his influence on the trap music scene he says, “I’m a trailblazer and a trendsetter,” and says that he has to keep creating so that his peers know what to follow. He concludes by providing some form of comfort for the concerned fans who see his music as a cry for help and not just music to turn up to by making it clear that he is not always on drugs and that it’s in the music because that’s what people want to hear most.

Take a look at the interview at the top of the page, and remind yourself of CliqueTV’s incredible Young Thug interview here.