The Gucci Mane music has been flowing freely, despite the fact that the Atlanta rapper has been locked up on weapons charges since 2013. We talked to Gucci’s engineer and right-hand man Sean Paine in 2015, and he explained how that worked.

But to kick off 2016, Gucci’s Twitter and Instagram accounts mysteriously went down. We reached out to Sean Paine, and he said that Gucci is cutting back on social media because “he wants to wait until he gets out to build anticipation and resurface everything under the new Gucci brand.”

Paine also said the he doesn’t yet know when Gucci will be a free man, but a new post on 1017 Records’ Instagram account says “Guwop get out in march 2016.”

Guwop get out in march 2016

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Gucci Mane’s official release date is still listed as March 2017 on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, but it’s very possible that he’s getting out early.

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