We all saw Kanye West’s hilarious audition for American Idol, and last night it finally aired on TV for the final season premiere of the show. After the episode aired, Ryan Seacrest took to Twitter to let fans know that this was not a planned publicity stunt. Hey says that while they were shooting in San Francisco, Kanye and Kim just happened to be across the street at an event.

When Seacrest talked to ET back in October, he told them, “The judges didn’t know he was going to come. He put on a number, and he performed a song… Kim was a little nervous outside the door as she was waiting to see how he would do. But that was a surprise to the judges. I actually wasn’t sure they were coming either, but when they walked through it was quite a moment.”

One person who wasn’t a fan of the American Idol season premiere: former contestant Clay Aiken. “Oh good Lord… those boring ass responses from the judges!?” he tweeted. “Where is Simon when you need him!?”