Image via  Dazed / American Millenial

Image via Dazed / American Millenial

In the time that we’ve come to know Kevin Abstract, he’s shown different sides of his personality through his music. Though he consistently thinks outside of the box and delivers songs that don’t all quite fit into the same genre, one thing always ties everything together—the level of honesty and vulnerability in his music. In a recent interview with DAZEDKevin gets personal once again.

When explaining why his sound is so diverse he admits, “That’s just a reflection of me—I still don’t know who I am.”  Rather than going with current trends, he’s creating a lane fitting for himself. “I’m building my world and universe everyday. I pick the characters, I write the script, I control the narrative. This was all meant to happen.”

As he gears up to release his upcoming album They Shoot Horses, Kevin admits that he’s giving this his all: “I’m just finally ready to become bigger than the Internet this year. I’m putting my entire life into this new album. I cry when I get a good idea because I’m scared this shit won’t reach enough people.”

His determination to expand beyond the internet is not just about being able to reach more people with his message, but to hopefully change the outlook of mainstream music. “The biggest pop star in the world shouldn’t be a boring white kid from Canada,” said Kevin. “The biggest pop star in the world should be a creative black kid from Texas that doesn’t know how to come out to his family.”

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