If you have the internet—we’re assuming you do—you know that the amount of struggle rappers trying to launch their careers is alarming. There’s simply not enough of a market to allow them all to have sustainable occupations as professional rappers, but now you can make a difference thanks to the Save The Rappers Foundation.

The video above is the first episode of a Save The Rappers series, and the people behind it—ironically, they are a hip-hop duo looking to boost their own careers—explain on their Kickstarter:

Every Hour, a rapper releases a terrible mixtape The listeners suffer alone and terrified. Help us put an end to this now!

Hello, everybody I hope you enjoyed the video. We are Slightly Flagrant, a Seattle based hip-hip duo, that takes a more sarcastic approach to undermining the current state of pop culture but more specifically rap music. Rappers today are super egotistical and take themselves way too seriously and were just looking to put some fun back in to everything. So no, your donation wont go to buying a “terrified rapper” a cracked version of FruityLoops but it will still go to something incredible.

We are starting a new Webisode series called the “Save the Rapper Campaign” we raised enough money to shoot the first installment of it, which you just watched, but need YOUR help in creating the rest of it.

We have funnier more elaborate ideas, ideas that make the video you just watched look like a little bitch. We plan shoot at least 5 more videos for the first season and we are asking for $8,000.00 USD. We also plan on hiring a camera guy to document the whole experience so you can have a more intimate look into the whole process.

So far, the Kickstarter has raised $500 of its $8,000 goal. If you want to donate, you can do so here.