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Over the summer, Meek Mill took to Twitter and claimed: “Drake doesn’t write his own raps.” Which obviously started a long-running feud between the two rappers taking shots at each other and making diss tracks. It should come as no surprise who the Toronto Raptors have sided with after all Drake is their “Global Ambassador” and the Raptors host a Drake Night once a year.

In an interview with Complex Toronto Raptors players, Patrick Patterson and James Johnson explained how Drake might help build their UK fan base:

PP: We all know that there are a lot of Drake fans across the world and there might not be too many Raptors fans from Toronto that converted from Drake, but it might happen elsewhere. Hopefully he continues to improve and get better and more people in the UK might get behind it.

JJ: Jay Z did the same with the Brooklyn Nets but Drake is such a mogul that it definitely boosted the Raptors and more kids are now probably playing 2K16 with the Raptors because of him!

When asked about what they listen to on game day Patterson answered, “Oh it’s nothing but hip-hop so Young Thug, Drake, Rick Ross, Weezy, Rich Homie Quan…” And when prompted about Meek Mill he responded, “Oh yeah, Meek Mill has been banned for a long time. No one plays Meek Mill.”

Just when you thought the feud was simmering down it’s been brought back up again. Meek Mill recently reignited the beef in a snippet from his upcoming mixtape Dreamchasers 4: “When I was saying shit about the rhymes you ain’t wrote, I can’t wait until we run into ya, I’ma put a gun in ya.” He does not explicitly address Drake but makes an obvious reference to him. Meanwhile, Drake has not responded to Meek Mill in quite some time.