The New Wave is a feature we’ll be presenting every Tuesday. It will highlight one song we’re currently obsessed with, by a new or rising artist.

What we say:

Every now and then, a song like “Panda” comes along and puts a perfect left-field twist on the current hot sound. “Panda” is made for the clubs—the beat is dramatic, the bass is low, and the sense of urgency keeps engagement on high. But despite all that, the shit is wonderfully weird. Desiigner is 18 years old from New York City, but he inexplicably raps with a foreign-sounding accent. He also forgoes a typical chorus and instead just speaks the word “panda” a bunch of times. And it’s awesome.

What he says:

As told to This Is 50: “It’s a blessing, I’m grateful that it happened. There was no muscle to it, they were just feeling the vibe… [“Panda”] is for [BMW’s] black X6 and white X6. The black X6 looks like a Phantom, white X6 looks like a panda. I was just breaking it down, saying what it looked like to me… This is what I’ve been practicing for, this is what I’m here for.”