X gon’ give it to ya… unless he thinks you’re being greedy. Then he will not.

DMX recently encountered a panhandler outside of Haus Nightclub in New York City, and the man apparently asked the rapper for five dollars, but upped the ante to 20 when he realized that DMX had a $20 bill on him.

TMZ shared video of the interaction, and it shows DMX using what he perceived as the beggar’s greed as a teaching opportunity. “God… he gives me the blessings because I pass them on,” DMX said to the man. “The word says, ‘hoard nothing, for it will become stale.’ God can’t fill a full warehouse. God can’t fill a full warehouse.”

DMX became frustrated when the panhandler kept talking and said, “You’re about to talk yourself out of some money.” It turns out that the guy did in fact talk himself out of some money, because they both departed without an exchange of cash.

Watch the strange encounter above.

This isn’t nearly as happy a moment as the time TMZ caught up with DMX and saw him fist-bumping Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: