Virginia rapper DP revisits his Designer Casket EP for “The Burial,” and he matches the dark tone of the song with a fitting video. On the concept, he told Complex, “It’s a sick concept. They had me in a suit and everything. It’s basically a simulation of my burial. They had homies dropping various items like Newports, Backwoods, and bullets in my casket. Bury me with a pint of Actavis, bury me with two of my bitches, mummify they asses. I wanna be mummified. That’s how we going out.”

He added, “When I’m dead, this is the last thing you’re going to see of me. My music is the casket; the CD, that’s me inside that muthafucka. It’s the legacy you leave. 100 years from now, they’ll dig the casket up, it’s going to be polished still, and you’re going to see my mummy. I might be a little crusty. The pint of the Act is still gonna be there.”

Read the full interview with DP here.

Watch the video we shot with DP in NYC here.