Image via Emusic

Image via Emusic

Fame at a young age can take a toll on anybody, and Earl Sweatshirt discussed how he deals with that, as well as other topics like Black Lives Matter and beating up Christopher Columbus, in a recent interview with A Country Called Earth.

Regarding being adored by fans, which he referred to as “deification,” Earl said he does what he can to keep a level head, saying:

If you had asked me to describe fame a few years ago, I would’ve told you that fame is a stressful and dehumanizing pedestal, because that’s what it was for me. I didn’t get the privilege of having a choice when it came to the ascent of my name and likeness and music. Naturally, I was upset. […] I’m still not an advocate for deification, so I take every opportunity I can to assert my humanity to those who are still invested in putting me on a pedestal. Deification divides.

Earl also expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, saying that “it has the power to shift the societal landscape by bringing awareness to age old issues that have plagued us as a people,” and also said that of any historical figure, he’d fight Christopher Columbus “for pretty obvious reasons.”

Earl also gave some insight into his daily routine, saying he spends his days “either with Knxwledge and my little brother Sage, or getting acupuncture and focusing on eating right and gaining weight. I listen to records all day and watch The Wire with my mom.”

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