The Grammys are a mere two days away. Host and rap legend LL Cool J has been doing his best to hype the 58th installment of the awards, and he’s being helped in part by Kendrick Lamar.

LL revealed to TheWrap that Lamar, will be unveiling a “controversial” performance during the show. Lamar’s critically acclaimed To Pimp a Butterfly is up for 11 awards, including Best Rap Song, Album of the Year, and Best Rap Performance.

“Kendrick Lamar is going to do something very controversial,” the host told TheWrap. “And that’s what art is about. It’s not about whether you agree or disagree, it’s about it stimulating conversation and provoking people to have conversations about society.”

Given Kendrick’s previous history with The Grammys and the themes explored on To Pimp a Butterly, the news is certainly intriguing.

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