Early last year, I had the good fortune of seeing SisQó live. His performance was nothing short of entertaining, a good balance of nostalgia and high-energy fun. The only thing that marred the experience for me was the very young crowd who would turn to one another, confused over who they were watching. Granted, the ever scandalous “Thong Song” came out in ’99, which means many of those in the crowd were 3, maybe 4 years old.

So in a sense, in bringing a band closer to recent memory (Panic! at the Disco) together with SisQó, Jimmy Kimmel makes what I remember so fondly more accessible to those who didn’t grow up with “Thong Song.” With vocal assistance from Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie and SisQó on that classic choreography, the updated “Thong Song” is guaranteed to be something that will be stuck in your head for the remainder of your day in all of its ridiculous glory. (Sorry.)

Watch the performance above, and revisit the song that propelled SisQó into fame below.