Image via Ashley Eberbach

Image via Ashley Eberbach

Whether or not Andrew W.K. is really Andrew W.K., there’s no denying “Party Hard” is a priceless piece of American culture. The song has inspired countless masses to party hard since its release in 2001, and proof of its timelessness recently came from an unexpected source: the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The hockey team made “Party Hard” their official celebration song—the song gets played any time Sidney Crosby or his flightless teammates light the lamp. It’s the product of a long, inspired petition by the Penguin fan site Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies.

“‘Party Hard’ is the ultimate expression of joy, happiness and love for one another,” the site wrote back in April. “These are all feelings associated with watching your favorite hockey team score a huge goal at home. Hugs all around, people. There are few songs with such power and direction. Andrew tells you to ‘Party Hard,’ you party hard.”

Since making the switch in late October, the Penguins have been on a tear: they’re in third place, Sidney Crosby has scored in seven straight games, and the fans are partying harder than ever before. Andrew W.K. will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow night to host a game against the New York Rangers. There will be a lot of this: