Pell is versatile. We knew that even before his excellent Limbo album, but he’s back to remind us on this collaboration with Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Andreas Asingh, better known as SLOWOLF.

The Danish artist has been impressing us with his remixes and original tracks, including the Raekwon-featuring “Princess,” and now he has a new EP on the way, White Feathers, out April 1.

“The Ring,” with Pell, is the first single from SLOWOLF’s new EP, and it sounds as if the video shoot was pretty crazy. Read about it below, courtesy of SLOWOLF, and watch the video above.

“We leave LA 06.00, right before rush hour, to shoot the music video in the middle of the desert in California in an abandoned outdoor water park. After 3 hours of driving we arrive at the park, that is completely blocked by barbed wire and covered in “No Trespassing” signs. Earlier we had got a tip that there should be a sign with a phone number for a person who we could bribe with $100 and he would let us in. But there was no sign anywhere to be seen. We found a hole in the fence, took the chance, drove in and started to film.”

“Half an hour later we got interrupted by a hillbilly who had jumped out of his pickup truck with a baseball bat in his hand.
He starts to yell several times: ‘Get the fuck outta here,’ while he moves towards us. Slowly we start to walk towards him with our hands to the sides to signal that we weren’t up to no trouble.

“We stop walking the minute he yells, ‘If you move one step closer, I’ll swing this,’ referring to the baseball bat. We apologize many times and asks if he could be interested in some dollar bills. He says ‘Let me make one phone call.’ “He phones, then grabs the $100 and drives away – and we get to shoot the video. Welcome to the US…”