SoundCloud continues to look for new ways to compete with the various other music streaming services. They recently took themselves out of some hot water by inking deals with Universal Music Group, Merlin, and Warner Music. Today, the company announces their next step forward by introducing their new stations feature.

The new feature—currently only available for iOS and Android apps—offers the option for users to create a station based on the current song being played. Though this concept isn’t exactly new—considering streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora already offer this feature—SoundCloud contains thousands of songs from lesser known artists that aren’t available on the other platforms.

To start a station, listeners can simply tap on the three-dot menu button. The options that pop up include the usual selection: “Like,” “Add to playlist,” “Repost on SoundCloud,” and “Share.” The newest option can now be seen in the middle. By clicking “Start track station,” SoundCloud will create an endless playlist of songs similar to the starting track. When users visit their profile tab on the app, they will now see a new section titled “Recent stations” that will display all of the previous stations that they started. Hopefully SoundCloud will follow up with a web version for this feature very soon.