Kanye West’s recent return to Twitter has resulted in a number of interesting revelations and moments. He’s got in an ugly beef, showcased a flowchart of ideas, and pleaded for help with money among other things. On his late night show, Stephen Colbert took the time to discuss Kanye’s recent goings on after mentioning how Kanye didn’t turn up to The Grammys, and how Taylor Swift used her acceptance speech to respond to Kanye’s bold line on the track “Famous.”

In a segment titled “We Have To Help Kanye,” Stephen referred to Kanye as “rapper/mogul/visionary toddler” before discussing that tweet of Kanye’s regarding his supposed “53 million dollars” of “personal debt.” After pointing out that Mark Zuckerberg probably won’t be checking Twitter anytime soon, Stephen turned his attention to the Donda chart, in which Kanye listed a bunch of ideas he had for a creative company he wants to launch.

Mentioning the “7 Screen Movie Experience” and the admittedly amazing concept of “Emoticon Auto-Correct,” Stephen referred to the chart by saying it was “like an 8-year-old imagining their dream treehouse.” He also mentioned the “Ima fix Wolves” tweet, questioning whether he was talking about the song, or the animal, which would be an interesting concept to say the least. Watch the whole segment above.