Drake scored a big hit last year with “Hotline Bling.” The song and its meme-bait video climbed up the charts and found itself covered by an eclectic selection of artists brave enough to put their own spin on it, and one of those artists was none other than indie heartthrob Sufjan Stevens. We’ve already got a number of videos of him performing the cover, and it’s certainly one of the best takes on the song, but now it would seem that Sufjan has performed the song live more than Drake has.

According to Setlist.fm and a chart retweeted by Sufjan’s label, Asthmatic Kitty, Sufjan has performed “Hotline Bling” eleven times, while Drake has only performed the smash hit five times. While this might seem surprising, the song became somewhat of a closer for Sufjan during his most recent tour late last year, while Drake has been busy finishing off his next album, Views from the 6. Check out the chart below.

hotline bling