It’s been a really great six years for Youth Lagoon. Through Youth Lagoon, Trevor Powers was able to explore some complex topics through his delicate and ethereal music. But today, Powers has revealed that he will be retiring that part of his life. Taking to Twitter in an introspective post, he explained that Youth Lagoon will be no more, citing that it is a “space [he] no longer inhabit[s], nor want to inhabit.” But Powers ensures his fans that there is “so much left to say,” hinting at more music to come.

This upcoming tour will be Powers’ final performances as Youth Lagoon. Read his statement below.

i am bringing down the curtain, brothers & sisters. there is nothing left to say through youth lagoon. it will exist no more. forever a transitional trilogy. the year of hibernation, wondrous bughouse, & savage hills ballroom occupy a certain isolated & solitary spectrum; it is a space i no longer inhabit, nor want to inhabit. youth lagoon is complete. i’ve reached the top of a mountain, only to then be able to see a much larger one i want to ascend. it’s odd to realize that something you’ve created can have the power of wrapping a leash around your neck & hold you hostage. i document everything through music / the peace, the chaos, the creation, the destruction, the life, the eternal sleep. & i’m here, perpetually inspired. there is so much left to say, but it will not be through youth lagoon. thank you to those who have supported this endeavor in any way. this upcoming tour will be the final YL performances. this is far from the end of my undertakings / it is the beginning. in peace, love, & awakening -t