Tyler the Creator’s GOLF brand has now extended to radio. Taking the lead as DJ Stankdady, the rapper recently interviewed Vince Staples for his GOLF Media app, examining art, culture, and the power that comes along with fame. During their discussion of “Yonkers,” Tyler revealed that the beat for it was made as a joke:

“N***as don’t know that that beat was made as a joke,” laughs Tyler. “I was trying to make a shitty New York beat and we was just rapping like we was from New York like we were retarded. And then, I just had some random verses and I was just like ‘I’ll just record it to this beat, this beat is kinda cool.’

And then n***as really liked it. That’s so nuts, because that shit was actually a fucking joke. I made that beat in literally eight minutes.”

Interesting how some things work out. Maybe we should just be glad that he came up with the joke in the first place. Listen to part of Tyler’s interview with Vince Staples above.