To shade a city. Drake might be up to his old tricks at tonight’s NBA Celebrity All Star game, hosted in Toronto. A news reporter conducted a court-side interview with Graham and comic Kevin Hart, and, well, the 6 God got a bit boastful.

A clip of the televised chat, embedded above, sees Drake elevate one city, presumably his, over another—Philadelphia, given Hart’s background as a Philly native. Its also the place that raised his arch nemesis.

Drake can be heard bragging, with a gloating smile, “If we’re talking city versus city, it’s been a tough year for you.” Immediately beforehand, he says something that sounds like “Meek.” At the risk of reaching without first stretching, Graham seems to imply a year of losses for the urban area Meek calls home. The 76ers also have a .151 winning percentage, so it’d be ill-advised to exclude basketball from the equation.

If you’re pondering this possible subliminal shot, consider doing so to the tune of “Summer Sixteen” and/or “War Pain.”