With a larger-than-life personality, Action Bronson has become one of the more endearing figures in hip-hop over the last few years. Apparently not everyone sees him that way, however.

Following several complaints and a piece in student newspaper The GW Hatchet that called him a “blatant misogynist,” George Washington University has removed Bronson as the headliner of their Spring Fling concert and replaced him with GoldLink.

Most upset with lyrics from his 2011 song “Consensual Rape,” the University made the decision after a petition calling for Bronson to be cut from the concert was signed by hundreds of students. “We apologize to the GW community for causing distress over the past few days and for attempting to bring an artist who is not consistent with our values of diversity and inclusion,” the University announced.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Bronson has run into these problems. He was also removed from Toronto’s NXNE lineup after the public voiced similar concerns over his lyrics and circulated a petition that was signed over 40,000 times.

Similar to Tyler, The Creator getting banned from several countries due to insensitive lyrics from his very first material, Bronson’s troubles seem to be stemming from songs released early in his career. Both “Consensual Rape” and the music video for his song “Brunch” (which includes a depiction of Bronson being less-than-respectful to a dead woman’s body) were released in 2011.

Bronson hasn’t responded to the Spring Fling removal, but he did tweet about the Toronto decision, writing, “It’s so funny the song that is causing these Torontonians to have their panties in a bunch literally has never been performed, ever. 5 years ago a lost track. That’s what u base UR argument on? HOW ABOUT THE 9 PROJECTS THAT HAVE COME OUT SINCE? Don’t single me out.”

We have reached out to Bronson’s representatives for comments on the situation.