Image via Complex

Image via Complex

DJ Khaled’s influence has truly gone global. In what might be one of the more joyful headline-producing stories of the year thus far, the Tourism Board of Belize has nicknamed an island “Major Caye.” Yes, you read that right: there is an entire island off the coast of Central America rechristened in honor of one of Khaled’s catchphrases.

Belize borders Guatemala as a mainland country, but a number of islands constitute its marine territory. Quite a few of them contain “Caye” in their name—a true opportunity to make a social media splash. Fortunately, the good folks working at the Tourism Board—albeit a little late to the Major Key wave—didn’t let it slip.

“Here in Belize, we love your music and Snapchat—especially your keys to success,” the spokesperson said in a short clip. “The nickname of this island is Major Key. We hope to see you soon.”

Watch the Tourism Board’s video below, where you’ll also find Khaled’s appreciative response.