In a new interview with Clique, Fetty Wap discussed a number of topics, including how fast he can create music, and how he works similarly to Young Thug’s when it comes to making music. “Me and Thug were in the studio together, and I think we have the same work ethic,” he explained. “We just go in,” he added, saying that they could probably make an entire album together in just one night, but he stresses that a full-length collaboration won’t be coming anytime soon: “When that time comes we’ll really get down to it, [but] as of right now we’re just making music.”

After being asked about working with Drake, Fetty responded by saying that he still hasn’t met Drake: “I keep myself out the light.” He also said that he his favorite rapper of all time is Gucci Mane, and that he doesn’t really listen to NYC and New Jersey-based rap. During the interview, Fetty took the time to talk about his rise to fame, explaining that he pushed “Trap Queen” for two years straight before it became a big hit.

After discussing his new hobby in stock trading, Fetty talked about how he wasn’t afraid of it all going down hill. Even if his popularity fades, he stresses that it doesn’t matter: “I’ve already lived my dream, I did it already.”

Watch the entire interview above.