Last year, 10-year-old Jayden Burgos caught the attention of Fetty Wap; he was inspired by the rapper to stop wearing his prosthetic eye. Burgos had lost his eye to retinoblastoma two weeks after his first birthday, and had been wearing it ever since. After almost half a year after the touching story, the two finally got to meet last month backstage at Fetty’s Denver show.

“I’m happy I got to meet Jayden and his family,” Fetty told People. “He is a really cool kid! It meant a lot to me personally to finally make his wish happen. It’s definitely a day we’ll both remember!”

Jayden’s mother was also very excited that her son got to meet his hero: “Hearing Fetty telling Jayden to ‘stay different, stay living, enjoy life’ and Jayden telling us when he first saw Fetty coming up the stairs his ‘nervousness got released’ he was so happy to see Fetty he just got up and hugged him. Thanks to all that made tonight happen. My heart is full for my baby boy.”

Fetty evidently has had a positive impact on children. Earlier this year, he sent a young fan who had suffered from a seizure-induced brain injury a supportive video. “679” also helped this young girl through the tragic death of her goldfish, Nemo.

Take a look at the photos of their meeting via Jayden’s mom’s Instagram below.

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