The long-standing and much-loved Pokémon franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Nintendo have been celebrating with a series of videos on their official YouTube channel. In their latest Pokémon20 video, they invited grime MC JME to enthusiastically talk about how he finally acquired a shiny Charizard card after he released his third studio album, Integrity>. Growing up, he mentioned that he collected the cards religiously, but for some reason he never managed to get ahold of a shiny Charizard.

“I remember having a Mew, and I was like, ‘oh my god I got a Mew’, I was gassed,” he explained. “But, shiny Charizard evaded me, I never got one.” Explaining he offered to trade a shiny version of his album on vinyl for a shiny Charizard, JME enthusiastically showcased his collection of Charizard like the proud owner he is.

Watch the entertaining video in full above, and watch JME’s tribute song to Pokémon, “THE VERY BEST,” below.