Recently, Reebok partnered up with Brighter Sounds and the Wonder Inn to host a Hip Hop Workshop for 40 young musicians. The timing was perfect, as Kendrick Lamar also happened to be in the UK during the same time in support of his sneaker deal with the shoe company. Naturally, Kendrick had to drop by for a surprise visit, which quickly broke out into an impromptu cypher because that’s what happens when K Dot visits you.

His fans gathered and took turns going head-to-head with the Compton native (which, you have to admit, is pretty brave), and while it was all for good fun, Kendrick still came through with some impressive bars.

Earlier, DJ Khaled hinted on Power 106’s The Cruz Show that he may be working on something with Kendrick. “I am talking to Kendrick Lamar about an anthem that I want him on. He waiting on me actually. I told him I was tweaking something, ’cause I want to present it where the mic just automatically comes on,” he said during the interview. “Me and Kendrick been talking about it. I’ve seen him a few times since I’ve been out here. I’ve been staying in touch with Top Dawg.”

Watch Kendrick Lamar battle his fans in a cypher above.

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