President Barack Obama was in Austin, Texas this weekend to give the keynote speech at this year’s South By Southwest, and after doing that, he went on to speak at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser. J. Cole was performing at the event, and Obama expressed his admiration for the rapper.

“I love J. Cole,” Obama said. “You know, this is the benefit of having teenage daughters: I actually keep up. I got a chance to see J. Cole’s mom and grandma.”

Obama’s fingerprints have been all over the music world lately: Over the past few months, Obama was promised that Kanye West would work on Nas’ upcoming album, he covered Ray Charles with Usher, he declared his allegiance in the Kendrick Lamar/Drake debate, and he spoke with Kendrick at the White House.

Watch Obama speak about J. Cole below, and if you’re in Austin yourself, we’re hosting a pretty killer evening at the Hype Hotel and a No Ceilings show, both of which you should definitely be there for.