UPDATE: Ferrari Sheppard, a close friend of Bey’s who also co-founded the website A Country Called Earth with him, explained that they were not permitted entry due to the turban. However, it was not because of security reasons. Sheppard clarified that when Bey returned with the loose turban unwrapped, they were allowed in without any further security search.

Earlier this year, Yasiin Bey (formerly, Mos Def) found himself in the news for allegedly trying to travel with a fake passport. Though a representative shot down these accusations—claiming that he was actually using a World Passport—it was later reported that Bey had indeed been charged for using false documentation, as well as illegally helping his family remain in South Africa.

Bey was set to have a court date today (March 8), but now it is being reported that he was initially turned away for his appearance. According to TMZBey was rejected from the South African court for refusing to remove his turban. However, he did return later with the scarf loosely covering his head, which allowed security to properly search him.

A South African news outlet, News 24, also reports that prosecutors have requested to postpone the court date in order to further their investigation. Bey’s lawyer, Shahied Schreuder, apparently did not oppose of the postponement and a new court date has been scheduled for March 24. Bey remains out on bail.