Action Bronson stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, but not to promote anything music related, however. Instead of performing a song from his forthcoming mixtape Blue Chips 7000, he cooked octopus in a cooking segment to promote his show, Fuck That’s Delicious. Proving why he managed to get his own cooking show in the first place, Bronson is his typical entertaining self on the segment, continually cracking jokes.

While he mostly discussed cooking and his show, Bronson did take some time to answer some questions about his music, too. When asked how he got into rapping after being a cook in NYC for a while, Bronson replied, “I broke my leg and I just had a couple of issues, and rap seemed cooler.” He immediately clarified, however, that rap isn’t cooler than cooking. Before eating the delicious looking octopus, Seth Meyers added, “We’ve had a lot of chefs on the show, you’re definitely the one that’s touched the food the most.”

Watch the entertaining segment above.