Image via Primary Talent

Image via Primary Talent

We’ve loved British rapper Stormzy for a while now, and it looks like he’s also found himself a fan in Adele, who dedicated her performance of “Make You Feel My Love” to him at her O2 Arena show in London last night.

Stormzy got the moment on video, and although it’s hard to make out what Adele is saying in the clip, you can clearly hear a starstruck Stormzy laughing with excitement when she says his name. After that moment, he tweeted, “BRO I SWEAR ON MY MOTHERS LIFE ADELE JUST BIGGED MAN UP ON STAGE IM BUGGING THE FUCK OUT WTFFFFFF,” then, “Bro I’m just chilling then Adele just said this songs dedicated to me then sang “Make you feel my love” I’m dead 😭😭😭.”

Stormzy also got Adele’s signature, and she wrote, “Stormzy, Thanks for coming to the show. I’m a big fan!” Stormzy posted a photo of it captioned, “You’re such an amazing soul @adele you don’t even know how happy you’ve made me today, thank you sooooooo much.”

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