Whereas many artists generally release singles in preparation for a new album or release multiple singles from a single album in hopes of making more money Beyoncé is about to do something unprecedented with Lemonade. According to i-D, Columbia Records is releasing the entire album to radio—something that has never been done before.

The impressive projections for Lemonade only further demonstrate why releasing her entire album to radio could be a good strategy: Beyoncé is expected to digitally sell at least half a million in the first week. When the physical release arrives on May 6, those numbers will only increase. In addition to that, all 12 songs from Lemonade are in the top 40 spots of iTunes Top 100 songs in the U.S.

Until Lemonade arrives on your local radio station and dominates those countdown lists, the album is also currently available on Tidal, iTunes, and Amazon.

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