One of the most immediate characteristics about L.A. artist Elohim is that she’s unique. Each song she’s released has showcased this originality, careful to never replicate the sounds of today but instead, refresh them. Now, she’s taken this ability beyond just her songs and brought it to life—literally—in her new video for “Pigments.”

Instead of your average clip, the singer has created an entire interactive experience for her viewers. When you visit the URL,, it will link a mobile device to your desktop which creates a connection that allows fans to control Elohim’s heartbeat, change her pigments, and essentially, keep her alive.

“Perspective can make all the difference. I created ‘Pigments’ to bring that thought to life,” she tells Nerdist. “This video is an extension of that. Expressed through interactivity and analog art, the video allows you to control my pigments and realize your own.”

Watch a short trailer for it above, and try it yourself here.