Image via Death Grips

Image via Death Grips

Info about Death Grips’ upcoming studio album is becoming available in waves: The group shared the artwork and tracklist in March, and now they’ve revealed the release date and lyrics.

Bottomless Pit will be available digitally on May 6, and will be available to pre-order on vinyl and CD on the same day. As for the lyrics, they can be found here (and downloaded here), but they don’t hint much at how the album will be structured musically, as they are presented as non-punctuated blocks of text.

What is clear is that the band is as lyrically abstract and enigmatic as they’ve ever been. For example, the opening lines from “Houdini”: “three four fuck you baby disjointed Houdini baby music use us fuck”; and the closing lines from “Giving Good People Bad Ideas”: “I suffer to catch reflux I ingest reflux bile threshold cortex deluxe torture me lust holding horses with bacteria uhh I’m downing this vial of old Siberia overtoning mysteria.”

As a reminder, here’s the previously revealed tracklist for Bottomless Pit:

1. “Giving Bad People Good Ideas”
2. “Hot Head”
3. “Spikes”
4. “Warping”
5. “Eh”
6. “Bubbles Buried In This Jungle”
7. “Trash”
8. “Houdini”
9. “BB Poison”
10. “Three Bedrooms In a Good Neighborhood”
11. “Ring a Bell”
12. “8080808”
13. “Bottomless Pit”