Image via @janellemonae

Image via @janellemonae

Grimes’ Coachella set last night featured guest appearances from Janelle Monáe and Aristophanes, both of whom performed the songs from Art Angels on which they feature, “Venus Fly” and “Scream.” Now, the entirety of Grimes’ 9-song, 40-minute set is available to watch online.

The set included songs from Grimes’ 2012 album Visions and her 2015 release Art Angels, as well as “Go,” which she originally penned for Rihanna.

Grimes recently talked about her level of fame with Rolling Stone, saying, “You’re successful but not successful enough that you can afford to totally piss off the fans. Most of the time, when I was making Art Angels, I was thinking, ‘If people hate this, I have to go work in Starbucks.’ People recognize you pretty much every time you’re out of your house, but you also can’t afford to have full-time security. It’s a weird situation.”

Watch Grimes’ set and find the setlist below.

Grimes Coachella 2016 setlist

“Venus Fly (with Janelle Monae)”
“Flesh without Blood”
“Scream (with Aristophanes)”
“Kill v. Maim”

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